Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Look what I found!

Forgot about this site for a long time... might have to reinstall CL if:
              a) I can remember my CL login info
              b) I'm not too busy with school.

How fairs Puddleby?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Rock and A Hard Place

Look! I fell between a rock and a hard place. >_<

Monday, July 27, 2009

How to turn Dark Temple into a Trap.

I went to Dark Temple hoping to visit the Astral Plane when tradgedy struck. I fell.

Kora wanted me to be a sacrifice!!!! :o Meanie!

She pointed out how dead I was. (Thus qualifing me as a good sacrifice.)

Annnnd the party is hungry. Cause apparently, it just ain't a party without finger snackks.

Didn't make it through the room.... fell (how ironic!) through the floor into the lava below where I then proceded to die.
(I was almost to the goal!!!)

But a friend shows up soon enough! I have COMPANY!!!!

Three exiles in a lava pool! Wheeeee!

With the addition of a fourth exile, this has officially become a trap.

Soul showed up, sent in more fighters who brought us out safe and somewhat sound.
Thanks go to Soul Hunter, Super Chicken, Geo, Tara (and anyone else I forgot to mention) for getting us out of a hot situation.
Thanks also go to the three fallen with me for trying to rescue me. :D


This is for Koraleva cause she wanted a sketch of her done up after she saw the other two on mah blog. Oh yeah... and cause I promised her I'd do one. More sketchs of Puddlebiens to follow!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Slime Caves and Cloud!

Iriel and myself go to the Slime Caves cause... well..... I got a map and we can!

Utter failure awaits as Iriel is laid low by a wendie and I fall to a *sob* bloodhawk!

Soooooo close to our goal, I put the cry out for help (in the form of a healer so we don't have to walk back) over the sinstone network! Lazy, lazy TRAPers!

An elite team swoops to the rescue! With Faf healing and Chykyn and Downy dealing with the slimes, Iri and I enter (and survive for longer then two seconds!) the cave.

I'm still hopeless.... getting my socks rocked off by Tiny Slimes.

I had lots of fun on cloud! Sensi let me borrow her mittens... so I threw snowballs at her. Notice the angry pose! She's like a mommy... but with a goss. A big freakin goss she threaten to run me through with! Eeep!

I still fall though... sooooo close to freedom!

But I did fall through a wall and find some funky mystyk-ish thing! Sooooooooo nifty!


These are from several different (mis)adventures!


I actually help people!

Le GASP! Spies!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Deep Wells and more

The "and more part" first. I almost had to abandon this blog becuase I not only forgot the password for the account, I forgot the login for the account! Very bad! VEERY bad!

And now back to our show...

I went exploring with Stonehand today. The destination was a well in East Forest. Once we found the well, I investigated the sign posted outside the well. "DANGER--- DEEP WELL" would keep most exiles away but I stepped forth into the darkness...
Aaaaaaaand KERSPLAT... in grande TRAP tradition, I fell. Both to my doom and all over the ground. Apparently this well is deep enough to produce insta-death syptoms upon arival at the bottem of the shaft.
I was highly confident! Still, I learned that confidence is not always going to save you and that the buddy system is essential when exploring with a fall-prone thoom (Stonehand raised the alarm as to my demise) and that Tostitos makes a rather yummy (for canned, I still like the real stuff better) Spinach dip. Also MAPS GIVE THOOMS BAD IDEAS.