Monday, June 22, 2009

PSA: Berrycide

BERRYCIDE: Darkberries, these berries are very dangerous and should not be given to small children or members of the clan TRAP. Innocent in appearance, one could easily confuse them with a harmless bunch of berries.

Suspicious guys are normally a dead giveaway to nefarious plots. I, however, feel the spirit of SCIENCE welling up inside me.

Dialogue of a dark nature is also a giveaway to dastardly intent. I ignore these hints for SCIENCE! I purchase a bunch of Darkberries.

Many high-calibre minds meet in TC to watch this experiment and gain knowledge from it. I begin the first test, ingestion of a Bunch of Darkberries.

I find that Darkberries are a cunning trap! Instant death to something "Unknown".

The result? PND (pretty near dead) or, in the plainly spoken words of one healer... "Dude, you're fucked". I move that the message for any eater of Darkberries is henceforth "DYF".

The spirit of SCIENCE takes hold and theories and explanations are brought forth.

The first few attempts to heal fail horribly. Two solutions are voiced: dump in Abyss 2 or assemble a million horus in TC.

Crius calls for more healers and we remember about Stora! Stora will be the tipping point!

Healers crawl out from every nook and cranny. The verdict remains the same: EPIC FAIL.

A mathematical equation of my situation is created by Sploof. A different take on SCIENCE but a correct theorem nonetheless.

Overcome with emotion, Leighton breaks down. SCIENCE is a harsh mistress. I am still PND.

Leighton comes up with the same conclusion as me. Yes, SCIENCE is temperamental.

Everyone comes to the same conclusion. All my base are belong to Berrycide.

I take off every ZIG and depart.
The experiment is a success in some way and a failure in others. Around 3000 horus was assembled and that failed to do anything even with an OE on. Berrycide is pretty much a guaranteed depart unless there is Divine Intervention from the GMs. We tested several different ways of healing and did not succeed. For SCIENCE!

It's me, by me! Aren't I pretty?
Note: That's duct tape keeping the axe attached to my flipper... you wankers.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Note the poofy sleeves. Very chic... Am I not the best artist ever?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Trip to the Beach!

I decided to go exploring Northeast Forest... and ran into a huge mob of spriggens. I fled south only to encounter a trio of WENDIES! This presented a classic "rocks and hard to run place" senario. Only fevered running and occasional slashing allowed me to survive. Eventually I had a couple wendie pelts in my bag and off I went to explore the great open north plains!
After dashing madly through the plains (due to an absurd amount of Artak cougers), I ended up at the beach. Bleeding from many wounds, I sought sanctuary in the hut only to find out it had been locked. I bame that lousy Nemo. Overcharging prick! 20c for a boat!?!??! "Rediculous!", I exclaimed and continued on my fevered and desprite sprints for safety. Shoulda taken the boat ride. >_<'
More to follow! Interpretive drawings of exiles! Mostly because I can! And because I have to express my inner Thoom sometimes!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Picture Book of Ackkbarisms

EPIC! Mutually Assured Destruction! We ended eachother's lyfe!
I slowly learn a bastardized version of Thoom.

Totally. Gotta keep those crazy nutters at bay.
Bumtags! (Bumseks?) FTW!

FUCK OFF M'AT! I got an axe not a daffodile for a reason.

I fall, Cammie seeks. Cammstar rules.

Duke Nukethoom. A Thoom's Thoom.

Luck... all you need, bitches.