Saturday, May 30, 2009

TRILLBANE or The Day The Newbs Went Away

The hunt gathered in TC. This is one of the largest gatherings of exiles that I have ever seen in my journey to... yeah, forgot. So like I was recolectifying, there was a huuuuuuuuuge group. Like 73 or something.

We waited for Daimoth to show up, seeing he was the leader of the hunt and had been most vocal about the amazingness of this particular hunt. Then we waited some more. And a bit more. BKC is a very astute Dorf and had this to say on the topic of Daimoth:

I learned that you can have fun with cigars! Whodathunkit?

The group then proceeded to Camp Dred, where the group was going to fight its way past Orgas and Weirdly Named Orgas and Orgas Of Unusual Size. There were sufficient amounts of Scary-sized Orgas that even the Ubers couldn't establish and hold the breach necessary for the swarm of Midbies and Newbies to descend with righteous fury upon and fall around said Orgas. Instead, us in the Newb/Midbie range were waiting patiently for the Ubers to clear the PF for us. I don't really remember this part cause I was busy chasing rats and fooling around. What!?! Waiting is boring!

Eventually, somehow, it was decided that the 2 full mystics would teleport people into the back way or something. Remember, I was playing with rats... Anyways. This meant that only 48 or so exiles could go. As most of the Newbie/Midbies didn't need the book, we were effectively cut from the team. Gustave took pity on TRAP et al (NEEEEEWBS!) and decided to take us to Noids. Arming ourselves with a Bitchin' Really Awesome Heal-o-Tron Zeta (hence forth known as the Brahtz), we valiantly plunged forth into the dark cavern.

Being a TRAP adventure, we fell alot but still managed to progress through the cavern.

Did I mention we fell alot?

Not being satisfied, Iriel, Brahtz, Trowl and I went out for an excursion to the Tro'ol Village. We fell during a planning powwow and the Tro'ols mocked us mercilessly.

This resulted in important truths being revealed and accepted.

Then poses were had by all and everything was good.

I learn of Brahtz's humanitarian nature and his concern for other exiles' well-being!

We then tried to return to TC. Suddenly, we were ambushed! I was enthusiastically optimistic at first but Trowl's failing health cause me to inquire as to what his plan was. His answer chilled me to my Thoomish skeleton. I saw the crafty plan within the non-plan though.

Soon after, the Trillbane hunt ended. We ended up getting rescued by some intrepid exile who was soloing the Tro'ol mines. Damn Ubers... they're just so cute, you really can't stay mad at them.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Adventures With Ackkbar

This chronicals some of my outragous happenings. It's almost like that Steve Irwin dude. Sometimes the critters get you. >_<

In this classic example of me at my finest, we see shit that shouldn't exist in a sane world. Like seriously? Why do the Brion Bros need giant fricken ice creatures? Those Shak could slice me apart no problem! Looking about, I saw we were in no danger due to the barrier made out of what I can only fathom as the skulls of fallen exiles and as creepy as it was... I really appreciated the skull barrier.

This is a fine example of a phenomina know only as "Thoom On The Run". Madly dashing away from more frighten creatures to be killed by smaller, equally dangerous critters should only be done to a certain song done by a mainland band with a name that involved insects. Bugs or something!
Note: Fire Rats are not to be trifled with. They will seriously fuck your shit. Have you ever smelled burning turds before? Don't beleive me and you can find out first hand. Like dood, where's my histia?
It's not always doom and impending doom in my world. Occasionally I get to witness oddities such as this. Very creative, lads!

Annnnnd this is where that Steve Irwin shit comes into play. I look at the beautiful beach. I see the stunning clams... and I want to touch them. Mind you, this feeling comes from just wanting to see if anything would happen. Yeah, well shit happened. A one hit kill. Stevie was gigglin' from up above.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Does this suprise you anymore? A group of us went to Noth for shits'n'giggles. WE KICKED PATOOTIE. Seriously. Don't let pictures of me falling fool you.

Sharing healers, making them like you and a bribe every now and then results in a spot high up on the "Heal List". I call it "Winning".

I killed one of these. Oh yeah. I play with my food first. Sorry for the short post but the clicker is reminding me that he has to sleep at some point before he builds tank track in the morning.

Monday, May 25, 2009


The hunt begins! We fell lots as befitting TRAP and MAP.

Every day is educational. I learn that Iriel is a consumate tramp.
Also learned... Noivad uses tramps. AS LURES. How vile!

I eat glue, you should too.

Glue is healthy. I swear!
Join TRAP! Eat glue! Join the collective... resistance is futile. You will be Trapped.

Yesh. I play that with lots of things. Stupid stripes. >_<
Thoomi has a big dagger. I have a shiny end connector. Mine is bigger.
This is an end connector if anyone was wondering. It's about 2 inches wide and 4 or so inches long and weighs about 2.5 pounds. It holds together peices of tank track by holding the pins in the track together. Just think about watch links!
This is my end connector. There are many like it but this one is mine. Mostly cause I shined the crap out of it! It was caked with old grease and rust when I got it. I'm actually quite proud. I call him Rafiki! :D

Teh First One!

I have been convinced to start a blog by certain unnamed members of TRAP. This did not require much convincing. I shall endevour to maintain a regular(ish) schedual of reporting on my adventures. As this will be semi-autobiographical, expect posts to be of varying lengths and to start with my oldest sketches.

One of my first excursions. Here I practice the art of falling gracefully to a legion of rats. Look how they lined up in such a pretty formation!