Saturday, July 25, 2009

Deep Wells and more

The "and more part" first. I almost had to abandon this blog becuase I not only forgot the password for the account, I forgot the login for the account! Very bad! VEERY bad!

And now back to our show...

I went exploring with Stonehand today. The destination was a well in East Forest. Once we found the well, I investigated the sign posted outside the well. "DANGER--- DEEP WELL" would keep most exiles away but I stepped forth into the darkness...
Aaaaaaaand KERSPLAT... in grande TRAP tradition, I fell. Both to my doom and all over the ground. Apparently this well is deep enough to produce insta-death syptoms upon arival at the bottem of the shaft.
I was highly confident! Still, I learned that confidence is not always going to save you and that the buddy system is essential when exploring with a fall-prone thoom (Stonehand raised the alarm as to my demise) and that Tostitos makes a rather yummy (for canned, I still like the real stuff better) Spinach dip. Also MAPS GIVE THOOMS BAD IDEAS.

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