Sunday, July 26, 2009

Slime Caves and Cloud!

Iriel and myself go to the Slime Caves cause... well..... I got a map and we can!

Utter failure awaits as Iriel is laid low by a wendie and I fall to a *sob* bloodhawk!

Soooooo close to our goal, I put the cry out for help (in the form of a healer so we don't have to walk back) over the sinstone network! Lazy, lazy TRAPers!

An elite team swoops to the rescue! With Faf healing and Chykyn and Downy dealing with the slimes, Iri and I enter (and survive for longer then two seconds!) the cave.

I'm still hopeless.... getting my socks rocked off by Tiny Slimes.

I had lots of fun on cloud! Sensi let me borrow her mittens... so I threw snowballs at her. Notice the angry pose! She's like a mommy... but with a goss. A big freakin goss she threaten to run me through with! Eeep!

I still fall though... sooooo close to freedom!

But I did fall through a wall and find some funky mystyk-ish thing! Sooooooooo nifty!

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