Monday, July 27, 2009

How to turn Dark Temple into a Trap.

I went to Dark Temple hoping to visit the Astral Plane when tradgedy struck. I fell.

Kora wanted me to be a sacrifice!!!! :o Meanie!

She pointed out how dead I was. (Thus qualifing me as a good sacrifice.)

Annnnd the party is hungry. Cause apparently, it just ain't a party without finger snackks.

Didn't make it through the room.... fell (how ironic!) through the floor into the lava below where I then proceded to die.
(I was almost to the goal!!!)

But a friend shows up soon enough! I have COMPANY!!!!

Three exiles in a lava pool! Wheeeee!

With the addition of a fourth exile, this has officially become a trap.

Soul showed up, sent in more fighters who brought us out safe and somewhat sound.
Thanks go to Soul Hunter, Super Chicken, Geo, Tara (and anyone else I forgot to mention) for getting us out of a hot situation.
Thanks also go to the three fallen with me for trying to rescue me. :D

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